Welcome to my new blog! I have decided to move my blog over to WordPress for functionality purposes. My old blog will still be available to read here however all future blogs will now be posted on this site.

To navigate your way around this page, firstly check out the ‘About Divine Truth’ page where you will find useful links and resources and information on what these teachings are about. All of the blogs I share on this page will be based on these teachings and what I have learned from experimenting with them. Also for a brief introduction to my journey with Divine Truth teachings please check out the above video. I will be posting all my future Into My Soul Vlogs on my YouTube channel here. I have lots of content planned for future vlogs that will focus on specific themes and experiences I have gone through over the past 4 years in my experimentation with Divine Truth teachings.

I have such a desire to discover who God is and who I am. I have such a desire to know who the real me is underneath all of the layers and layers of damage and facade that has been created in me. I have such a desire now to connect to God, to love God and receive God’s Love into my soul. 

This blog will be about sharing myself as openly and honestly as I can about the experiences I have gone through and the new emotional and spiritual truths I learn about myself and the universe as I begin to delve deep into my relationship with God, myself and my soulmate!

I look forward to sharing myself and letting you in to my heart and soul. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me. I’ve also created an ‘About’ page where you can find out about me and who I am if you are interested.

Love Thalia


I’ve been in lockdown and isolation ever since I was 14 when I made an oath to never open my heart to anyone ever again. Not only did I close my heart, I also used to lock myself away in my room and shut off from the world for hours on end listening to music, the radio or my favourite tapes or CD’s, until I had to come out to either eat, go to school, or hang out with friends and get completely stoned. I did anything to avoid being present with others and showing them my real feelings.

That’s how I spent most of my teenage years in my own personal lockdown, isolating myself from the world because I thought that this would be the best way to avoid getting hurt and being betrayed by those who I thought loved me.

The problem is decades later deep into adult life, not much has changed except now it feels like my heart is a heart of steel, and I cannot ply it open. I cannot seem to make any friends, the friends I do make are at an arms distance, like literally all my friends either live in different states or across international borders, I can’t connect to God and I can’t connect to my soulmate.

I find no enjoyment or fulfilment in my soul, I feel completely empty everyday, no matter what I do with my life, no matter I got my soulmate by my side, I get to do my passions, supposedly working my ‘dream’ job, everything still feels like a big hollow pit. My dreams suck both metaphorically and literally, I have big dreams for my life but I never get anywhere, I have nightmares all the time, I wake up exhausted and I’m just living out the motions day to day rarely giving any of my real self to anyone. To put it simply life feels fucked. I feel fucked.

But yet I like this, I much prefer this, being in lockdown and isolation is like a dream come true for me. When the government says I have to stay home, I’m like a pig in shit basking and revelling in all the time I will have to be on my own. Skipping for joy. Being able to lock myself in my room and make banger beats means I don’t have to put up with anyone else’s shit. I don’t have to listen to anyone ramble to me or chew my ear off eg my mum, I don’t have to put up with other’s taking advantage of my service, and I won’t get hurt if I’m here in my bubble.

The collateral damage of closing off your heart and not working through everything emotionally results in finding yourself a lifetime alone in lockdown, in isolation. Even with people around you, you will feel alone, unable to fit in, unable to have true meaningful connections. Constantly on guard, expecting betrayal, giving the least amount of your real feelings to feel protected, removing yourself from interacting with others but as the same time longing for deep connection and fulfilment.

And now it is going to take a massive effort to now break the oath, and grow my will muscle in the opposite direction to change what I feel is so intrinsically a part of me now. And I honestly don’t know how I will ever reverse this, right now I’ve been this way for so long, I have very little faith that I can change, that I can get back to being the real me that God created. Little Thalia loved being outdoors and was outgoing, adventurous, trusting of all, happy go lucky kind of kid, wanting in on the action, daring to be bold, saying what she thought out loud always, she was expressive and loved to share storys.

While I don’t have the faith or belief right now that I will change, thanks to a dear friend reminding me that one of the effective way’s through this is through prayer. Talk to God.

He said –

‘The message I got and put into practice recently around *sin…. Pray. Prayer has a super underestimated effect on your sin. Pray about your sin. Even if it’s just telling God what you just said to me now.’

Start there.

*sin means missing the mark of love

A song I wrote called Home

Verse 1
You’ve put a storm inside my soul
That carries me down the yellow brick road
I feel like a man made out of tin
I can’t move I’m rusted and stiff
But you’ve put a storm inside my soul
That carries me down the yellow brick road
You can bang on my chest but its empty
but with your can you oil me

Pre Chorus
Gently and I begin to feel the beat
Gently and in your hands
You got me singing

I want a soul that feels your love, your love
I want a soul that feels your love, your love
Cos your my place I call Home

Verse 2
You’ve put a storm inside my soul
That carries me down the yellow brick road
I feel like a lost little scarecrow
I’m all strawed up don’t know where to go
But you’ve put a storm inside my soul
That carries me down the yellow brick road
My emotions are a twisted mess
I’ve fallen apart but you put me back again

Pre Chorus
Gently and I begin to feel the beat
Gently and in your hands
You got me singing

I want a soul that feels your love, your love
I want a soul that feels your love, your love
Cos your my place I call Home

All Age Music Mid Year Concert

Before lockdown we were able to photograph and film this event a few months ago. This is my little friend who I used to teach Kinder Beat to a couple of years ago now at All Age Music. I used to teach 2-5 year olds and have had the pleasure of returning on a few occasions to do things like this.

Our most recent project involved filming and photographing All Age Music school’s mid year concert! It is always inspiring to see young children following their passions and doing something they love. 46 more words

All Age Music Mid Year Concert — Soulset Studios

Having fun in the bubbles!

I struggle a lot with expressing who I am in front of people. In the company of others I often find myself going into a complete lockdown emotionally, the walls come up and I end up either being really quiet or really serious and maybe let out a little bit of me here and there until I know its completely safe to be me (whoever that is – it is an ongoing discovery right now).

I feel tho, I am quite the closet loveable nut cracker (in a good way). I love having fun, being a nerd and completely non serious. I remember when I was little I was bold and carefree. I wanted in on the action! We lived in a VERY small town called Kununurra and I was always out and about on my bike, playing in the bush, swimming at any opportunity be it the local waterholes or swimming pool, or annoying my dog Timmy. Poor Timmy, I used to pretend to squeeze his nuts just to get a reaction from him. Ok maybe my 11 year old self did actually squeeze them ever so slightly if I am to be honest. Yep told ya, total nut cracker I am (no pun intended) 🤣 . . . Rest assured tho my nut cracking dog days are over (insert Florence soundtrack here). RIP Timmy. Cant wait to see you on the other side.

Anyway getting back to the story, I loved many things as a kid, like sports, dancing, singing and I equally loved my dolls as much as I loved to skateboard and play footy. I can’t say tho that I loved dresses, nope not me. Although I have rocked a few dresses in my lifetime it was either when I was really little and I was forced to wear them or more so to fit in and not be seen as too butch as I got older. These days tho you cant get me out of pants and sneakers.

But my point is, doing these videos, has been helping me to connect to the bold and carefree Thalia again, re-connecting to my child-like playful nature, and just have some fun creating and doing what I love!

Big thanks again to my partner Nicoleta Marangou for filming and directing this.

Making Beats with Fruit

I went a little bananas with this beat. It was berry hard as the fruits kept moving, the controller kept glitching out and by the end of it I had run out of juice. But I’m very grapeful I ended up with one good take (after many) and I would apple-solutely do it again but hopefully with more of a peachy smile next time, not so sour 😂 🤣 😜 🤪 🤓 PS no fruits were harmed in the making of this, and none of it went to waste, it all ended up in my tummy!

Thanks a bunch! 🍏 🍎 🍐 🍊 🍋 🍌 🍉 🍇 🍓 🫐 🍈 🍒 🍑 🥭 🍍 🥥 🥝 🍅

This beat was made with a midi controller called Playtron! You have to connect the controller to your computer and DAW, choose your sounds and then connect the wires to any object to play your sounds with your hands. It can be a lot of fun when things run smoothly ahaha. I found the midi…

Making Beats with Fruit — Soulset Studios


Just a quick update as I have a new instrumental out now. You can listen via the link below and the track is available on all platforms for streaming.

For the average independent artist it can be quite costly to release music, from producer fees, engineer fees, artwork, music video/visuals, distribution fees (and more!) hence I decided to learn how to do it all myself from producing, mixing, photography, artwork, filming and editing.

This track took a number of hours, weeks and months to create (I forgot how long exactly) and with these instrumentals I’ve also been challenging myself with mixing the sound, something I usually pay someone else to do as I’ve not really trusted my ears or my ability – however wanting to improve on.

The only thing I really pay for is yearly distribution fees as well as any costs associated with producing a music video eg car hire, food etc. Both Nicki and I so far do all the filming together which can be limiting but also a good challenge to get creative with the tools we already have with minimal hands.

Although I can save quite a bit of money from doing it myself, I do have around $100k in education fees that I am paying off.

With all of my music it is available for free download (from Soundcloud), or you can choose to pay for it, from either Bandcamp (choose your price) or iTunes (set price). You can also make donations to a platform of your choice. To find out more visit here

Hope it makes your head bop as much as it did mine while making it!

Will be sharing visuals soon 🙂

Love Thay X

Soulset Records is proud to release its second instrumental beat – Bubble Rain! Bubble Rain is a futuristic, quirky beat with a rich soundscape of bubble drop arpeggiations, weird risers, scratchy synths, souring leads, luscious vocal sampled melodies and delay and reverb drenched plucky mallets that still manage to take you on that rainforest trek.…


Our First Official Music Video Release for Soulset Studios! — Soulset Studios

Its been a while since I released a music video, I think 2016 was the last time I released one and I did film one in 2018/2019 but never ended up releasing it. . . . I still may end up releasing it. This one is a little different, it is the first official instrumental release, so no vocals or lyrics, just sounds.

So what to do in a music video with no words or lyrics? Dance! Dancing is one of my fave things to do and I may have pulled out a few of my old school 90’s moves that I have been recycling ever since. I wish I had the time to learn choreographed moves but at the moment my time is limited but you just never know!

Hoping to film lots more this year if time permits.

Love Thay X

We are extremely proud of the production and shots in this video. Filmed with only a two girl crew by our Founders Thalia Skopellos and Nicoleta Marangou. 99 more words

Our First Official Music Video Release for Soulset Studios! — Soulset Studios