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I have such a desire to discover who God is and who I am. I have such a desire to know who the real me is underneath all of the layers and layers of damage and facade that has been created in me. I have such a desire now to connect to God, to love God and receive God’s Love into my soul. 

This blog will be about sharing myself as openly and honestly as I can about the experiences I have gone through and the new emotional and spiritual truths I learn about myself and the universe as I begin to delve deep into my relationship with God, myself and my soulmate!

I look forward to sharing myself and letting you in to my heart and soul. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me. I’ve also created an ‘About’ page where you can find out about me and who I am if you are interested.

Love Thalia


God is Good –  God Reliance & My first faith building experience!

Fiji (2017)

On the 19th February 2017 I layed in bed and poured my heart out to God to help me become God reliant. To give me a faith building experience that would strengthen my belief that God exists and I can rely on Her for EVERYTHING. I have always been so self reliant, I have always had a massive mistrust in God, that God doesn’t exist and is not there for me. I have always strived and struggled with my life feeling like I don’t have support, feeling like I have to do it all by myself, that I’m just not worthy of anything good, that I’m not worthy of abundance and that I have to work hard for what I want.

Over 2016 though I worked on my faith in God, I began to choose to see God as Good as Jesus had encouraged us to do at the 2016 assistant group. I began feeling through my ‘dad’ emotions and I stopped choosing to see God as my earthly father but rather as someone who really did love me and want to help me and as I did this I did begin to feel God a lot more in my life and seemed to feel happier at times compared to previous years. However, after a year of working on my faith in God being good, I still hadn’t really had a big faith building experience that would teach me about God reliance. This time I really wanted to rely on God, to turn to God and ask for help with an issue that had been ongoing in my life since I was a child.

Basically since forever I have had a run of living situations that have been highly unloving environments. Either the people I lived with were angry and attacking, lazy and loved to drink and take drugs. I was constantly attracting living situations that were dark and did not provide a loving soul space for me to call home. I constantly felt like I didn’t belong or fit in and instead of working through the cause of why I was attracting those situations emotionally I resorted to self reliance and constantly moving to try to fix the effects. The problem was I kept attracting the same situation.

Well I finally got the message when I arrived at another boarding house in April 2016. After moving in and getting our first bout of rain I discovered my room had a leaking roof. Not only that the building had quite a dark condition and feel to it. The cleaner never seemed to clean and there were major issues of love with other residents not respecting communal areas.  The communal toilets and bathroom were often left with faecal matter, vomit and urine on toilet seats and sometimes smeared on bathrooms walls. There were some residents who drank and would sing at all hours in the morning and other’s smoked weed which would waft into the hallways.

Instead of doing what I always did I decided this time I would stay and find out why I kept attracting these situations. However I still wasn’t quite humble to owning my emotions, I would complain all the time to the owner about the lack of hygiene in the building and it got me no where. She thought the standard was fine and therefore nothing changed.

View from our new balcony!

So I realised that my little tantrums was not going to work with God and decided to stop complaining and just feel. In this process I discovered that I had massive demands and addictions that other people should clean, that other people should be tidy. I didn’t see the cleaner as a human being but as a servant who should do his job properly as that is what he’s paid to do. I had strong feelings of blame towards him and the owner and when I began to feel these feelings and own them I began to soften and recognise I was the one that was out of harmony with love. I started to treat the cleaner with more respect and love and began talking to him and having conversations instead of ignoring him. I stopped looking at him as my servant. I began to want to take responsibility for cleaning too and help out where I could even tho there was a paid cleaner to do so.

Not long after that my law of attraction changed and off her own back the owner decided to hire a new cleaner. The new cleaner was thorough and amazing. The owner took out the old dirty carpet and replaced it with brand new carpet and began spring cleaning the inside of the building and making the place very respectable and clean. I was like WOW feeling and owning your own emotions does work and changes what you attract almost instantly without force.

However, I still had an issue which I had been ‘putting up’ with which was my leaking roof and after a year of communication with the owner of the building about getting the leak fixed she finally told me that they were unable to fix the leak and that they deemed the room ‘unfit’ for occupation. I spent a week feeling quite sad, devastated and hopeless. Sydney is an expensive city to live in and on a student wage I couldn’t foresee how I could attract the kind of loving place that I was longing to call home.

Throughout this time tho I began desiring and longing to God to find a place that I could call home, a place that was affordable but beautiful, a place where I could live with someone who desired to uphold God’s loving laws, a space where my soul could feel and experience my emotions, a space that was inviting to my soulmate if and when she came into my life. I just wanted a space that would nurture my soul’s growth and healing.

Things came to a head on that day as I lay in bed. I woke up that morning and knew that I had to talk to God. I had done things my way all my life, struggling with self reliance and now I really wanted to learn how to do things God’s way. I knew that if I wanted a home I had to attract it by working through blocking emotions, God reliance and asking God for help. I surrendered and prayed and said God ‘I can’t do this on my own anymore, I have done things my way all life and now I want to try it your way. I don’t rely on you because I don’t believe that you would be there for me. I don’t have faith in somebody I don’t see so I don’t trust you that you would want to help me but I would love a beautiful place to call home.’ I prayed with all my feelings and soul for God to help me to find a home and give me a faith building experience that would help me to trust in God and become God reliant.

I cried so hard for about and hr and felt God with me at that time. I got up and felt so much lighter and at peace that everything was going to be alright. I didn’t know how I just knew that I had a greater sense of trust in God. The very next morning I got a message from an old friend, Mathew Costin the guy who introduced me to Divine Truth in 2013. I had bumped into him on occasion around Sydney but I hadn’t been in contact with him since 2013. He said

‘Hey thaylia. I hope you’re well.  Can’t tell you how much our last conversation really assisted me greatly in a time of great sadness and confusion. So, I’m contacting you because I have a desire to live with people in Sydney who have a desire to be in a loving relationship with god and learn to obey his laws and principles. If you may be interested in living with me, I’d love to chat about it. But otherwise, I’d love to hang with you soon if you have time.

Love Matt’

Matty & I (Marriage Equality Rally 2017)

WOW, I instantly knew God had answered my prayers and my heart sang with joy. I just knew from that moment on God was going to help me find my home – our home. A place that Matty and I could call our home and develop our relationship with God.

On the 4th August 2017 Matty and I moved into our home after waiting on a list for 6 months with a private affordability housing scheme. God gave us more than what we asked for and imagined, a beautiful two bedroom apartment newly renovated, fresh paint and carpets, bright and airy atmosphere, in a great location in the city that is extremely affordable. We are not charged market rent but our rent is based on our earnings. We have beautiful views of trees and a park across the road. We have our own kitchen to cook vegan only meals, our own toilet and bathroom – a luxury that I haven’t had for a while that we keep sparkly and clean and a big spacious living room. My bedroom is also way bigger than any room I have rented in Sydney.

Home – living room

We have a constitution for the house based on Divine Truth that we endeavour to uphold and living with Matty is helping me to become aware of my masculine emotional injuries and various addictions. Due to our feminine and masculine injuries we both have a lot to work on in our relationship with each other and upholding a loving home but we have created a space where we are allowed to be truthful, honest and say how we truly feel with each other (sometimes we are still scared to) and are free to feel our emotions, bash, scream or cry without judgement when we are not resisting. I have not only gained a place that I can call home, also a beautiful friend and brother that I can learn from and share in our love for God and Divine Truth teachings.

Kitchen where lots of yummy vegan meals are devoured!

I know my relationship with God isn’t complete and I am still working on solidifying my faith in God, still a lot of addictions and fear I’m working through and at times resistive to, times where I still ignore God, times when I don’t want to chat to God and I don’t always ask for God’s Love. But this faith building experience is the beginning and has now laid a foundation for me to build upon.  I know that God is good and I am thirsty for more experiences.

Each and everyday I am reminded of what God has given us and how just like Jesus said ‘God is Good’ and when we do things God’s way and give up our self-reliance, seek God’s Love with all our heart all things will be added unto.

I got more than what I imagined, a new home, a beautiful housemate and . . . shortly after my soulmate came into my life! Which is another blog post in itself.

If you got this far, thank you for reading and if you would like to learn more about Divine Truth or God please visit here for more information.

To be cont . . .

Family – Me, Matty & my soulmate Nicoleta glittered and painted to celebrate Mardi Gras (2018)